Aiden is 8 and lives with his mom and sisters.  Unfortunately, his dad in not in his life.  Aiden would like to be a police officer when he grows up.  Aiden wants his Big Pal to know that he likes to play video games, go swimming, and eat chicken nuggets.  If he had three wishes, Aiden would like to have a watch, every kind of toy in the universe, and to have $100.25.

By becoming a Big Pal, you’ll get the chance to be a kid again by mentoring a Little Pal like Aiden. Big and Little Pals spend few hours each week together doing normal, everyday activities like playing video games or just hanging out. These little moments can turn into life-changing, impactful friendships. Visit or call 402-563-1081 and become a Big Pal today.

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